Compression & Regulation

With ideal pressure for top performance

The ideal pressure also delivers the best performance. In the case of fuel cell systems, battery-electric or hybrid drive technologies, the ideal pressure control ensures the corresponding reduction in emissions. Due to their sustainability in terms of service life and durability, seals made of high-performance plastics help to extend or completely eliminate service intervals.
The awareness of the mobility of tomorrow paired with the quality-oriented art of engineering from "the Länd" leads to innovative sealing services that shape the mobility of tomorrow.

  • Components made of Polytetraflon®-PTFE, Moldflon®-PTFE oder Moldflon®-PEEK achieve ideal pressure conditions so that the efficiency of energy use can be further increased
  • Whether under extreme rotational speeds or under pressure, our material properties ensure uncompromising functionality
  • Reducing or eliminating service intervals is another step towards sustainably reducing environmental costs