Minimal invasive surgery

Gain an insight in our medical tube manufacturing

Application Areas:

Our solutions for minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy can be found in many applications. Examples include gastroenterology, laparoscopy, and proctology.
Most of these applications call for materials that are not only suitable for the specific use but also comply with various national and international standards, such as FDA or USP Class VI. A large number of approved materials are available for this purpose.
In addition, our certification in accordance with GMP and ISO 13485 demonstrates that our current manufacturing practices, production processes, and the quality of our products comply with international guidelines.
Thanks to our comprehensive fleet of machinery and the corresponding processes, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics can always offer you the ideal manufacturing process, from individual items or prototypes to pilot production and series requirements.

Product Examples:

  • Multilumen tubes
  • Profiles
  • Special shapes
  • Color-coded and labeled tubing
  • Colored tubes
  • Corrugated tubes
  • Refinement of tubes