New Case Study: High-Performance Diaphragms


PTFE Diaphragms

Reliable Media Separation

A diaphragm is normally used to reliably separate different media or spaces with different pressures. One of the main requirements is chemical resistance to aggressive media. Precisely defined flexibility and a long service life are also important criteria.

ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics has a wealth of experience in this field. We are able to fulfill precisely defined sets of requirements by tailoring the material and design of the diaphragms exactly to the relevant application. PTFE or filled PTFE offer just the right combination of mechanical, thermal, and physiological properties for this range of applications.

Essential Advantages PTFE Diaphragms:

  • Good reverse bending strength
  • Almost universal chemical resistance
  • Highly suitable for sterilization
  • Temperature resistance –60°C to +200°C
  • FDA-approved and therefore suitable for contact with
    food and pharmaceutical products
  • Freedom of design
  • Homogeneous material structure

PTFE Diaphragm Types

PTFE Diaphragm

With metal core for painting pumps.

PTFE Diaphragm

With grooves on the back for sterile valves with very smooth surfaces.

PTFE Diaphragm

For fluid pumps in the chemical industry.

PTFE Piston Diaphragm

With integrated sealing cone in filling lines.

Formed PTFE Diaphragm

For actuating valves.