ElroSealTM X Rotary Shaft Seals - Special Types

In addition to the standard designs, there are a large number of applications that require specially adapted sealing systems. For this purpose, customer-specific special solutions can be provided, also in small series. The following is a selection of these special designs.

Rotary Shaft Seal ElroSeal™ X, without housing
Compact sizes as well as special dimensions/shapes available.

Rotary Shaft Seal ElroSeal™ X, dual lip,
counter-rotating, for separating two media, e.g., for centrifuges and decanters.

Rotary Shaft Seal ElroSeal™ X, dual lip,
rotating in same direction, with or without hydrodynamic return feed spiral groove. Good sealing performance, higher operational reliability, e.g., for pumps as well as screw-type and rotary compressors.

Rotary Shaft Seal ElroSeal™ X, sealing lip negative
Small clearances, for food processing and medical engineering e.g., for mixers, meat processing machines, and cutters.

Rotary Shaft Seal ElroSeal™ X, with protective lip,
for use in dirty conditions, e.g., construction sites and underfloor assemblies of screw-type and rotary compressors.