Heat Exchangers

High Purity Plastic Heat Exchangers - Corrosion Free

Plastic heat exchangers are corrosion-free and chemical resistant, made out of Moldflon™-PFA,  -ECTFE,  -PVDF, -PP or -PE have been manufactured by ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics for many decades. Standard solutions as well as custom designs are available and supplied across a wide range of industries.
Plastic Heat Exchangers Overview

Our Heat Exchangers are designed using computer models based on customer-specific process data. Apart from process-related designs, our heat exchanger is also classified according to categories and modules of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
This includes the strength analysis, design and manufacturing documentation as well as the final pressure test.
Each heat exchanger comes with an inspection certificate and a declaration of conformity.

We produce plastic Heat Exchangers for external use:

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Plastic Heat Exchangers for internal use:

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Essential Advantages:

  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Resistant to alkali
  • Acid-proof
  • Excellent anti-adhesion properties
  • Corrosion free

Depending on the media and the operating temperature our heat exchangers can be manufactured out of Moldflon™-PP or -PE. 

Applications of Plastic Heat Exchangers

  • Semiconductor and Solar Industry
  • Electroplating Industry
  • Beverage, Food and Technical Textile Applications
  • Chemical Industry
  • Geothermal Applications / Renewable Energies
  • Machine and Plant Construction
  • Seawater Applications

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