Surface Heat Exchangers - The Efficient One

Especially suitable for smaller process equipment or restricted spaces, our plastic Surface Heat Exchangers stand out because of their good heat exchange surface to space requirement ratio achieved by using thin walled tubes which deliver greater thermal and packaging efficiencies.

Our Surface Heat Exchangers are:

  • corrosionfree
  • chemical resistant
  • space saving
  • very efficient.

These plastic Surface Heat Exchangers can be fabricated in U-shape whith a single circuit or in a rectangular shape with multiple circuits which can be installed both on the bottom or side wall of the tank. The connection tubing and the type of joints used can be made to standard dimenstions or customised to suit individual installations.

Surface Heat Exchangers are manufactured from MoldflonTM-PFA, -ECTFE, -PVDF,- PP or -PE.

Examples Surface Heat Exchangers:

Plastic Heat Exchangers Surface Heat Exchangers from PE
Plastic Surface Heat Exchanger from PVDF
Plastic Heat Exchangers Surface Heat Exchangers from PVDF

Further Heat Exchanger-Designs:

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Immersion Heat Exchangers

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