Special Types Rotary Shaft Seals / Lip Seals

In some cases, the best option to achieve the maximum performance from a high speed lip seal is to tailor the design so that it is perfectly aligned to the final application.  

In doing so, machines and equipment can be designed to deliver greater levels of efficiency and productivity than previously thought possible. 

In demanding lubricated environments or where a dry running rotary seal is required, custom seals designed for a specific application is the best option to produce a solution without compromise.

High performance fluorpolymer sealing lip with simple "press fit" system for high speed applications.

Rotary Shaft Seal,  Lip Seal, PTFE, without housing
Compact sizes as well as special dimensions/shapes available.

Rotary Shaft Seal, Lip Seal, PTFE Dual lip,
counter-rotating, for separating two media, e.g., for centrifuges and decanters.

Rotary Shaft Seal, Lip Seal, PTFE, Dual lip,
rotating in same direction, with or without hydrodynamic return feed spiral groove. Good sealing performance, higher operational reliability, e.g., for pumps as well as screw-type and rotary compressors.

Rotary Shaft Seal, Lip Seal, PTFE, Sealing lip negative
Small clearances, for food processing and medical engineering e.g., for mixers, meat processing machines, and cutters.

Rotary Shaft Seal, Lip Seal, PTFE, with protective lip
for use in dirty conditions, e.g., construction sites and underfloor assemblies of screw-type and rotary compressors.