Thermo-XTM Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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Thermo-X™ Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers made of Moldflon® plastics are designed for external use and are almost universally resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion.
For safe heating - cooling - condensing of pure and ultra pure media. 

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Manufactured entirely from Moldflon® PFA, PVDF, PP or PE, possible contamination from other materials is avoided.
All the welded joints for the flow of inner media are fabricated based on a non-contact IR butt welding process which is particular important when using pure and high purity media. Dead spots where for example bacterial contamination may occur, are ruled out by this welding process.
All the IR welds are computer controlled and the welding parameters of these joints are documented. Furthermore, the inside and outside of all the Thermo-X™ Heat Exchangers are individually pressure tested.

Examples Thermo-XTM Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:

Materials and max. exchange surface in m²

MaterialWidth in mm Max. Length in mmMax. Exchange Surface in m²
PFADN 1003000 mm    7 m²
PVDFDN 2805000 mm107 m²
PPDN 2805000 mm  92 m²