Thermo-XTM Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - Standard

Thermo-X™ Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for demanding processes which require precise managed fluid  temperature combining the highest level of purity.



  • Shell and tube heat exchanger made of pure Moldflon™ PFA or Moldflon™ PVDF
  • Available in two versions with 0.3m² [3.2ft²] and 0.8m² [8.6ft²] heat exchange area
  • Operation in counter flow and parallel flow possible
  • Available with Flare ¾" or SUPER-300 type PILLAR fitting™*
  • The 0.3m² [3.2ft²]-version is available with connections on same side, called U-shape 03
  • The 0.8 m² [8.6ft²]-version is available in U-shape 08 as well as in S-shape 08 (one connection on the opposite side)

Benefits & Features

  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Higher corrosion resistant than most metals
  • Precise temperature control in demanding environments
  • Suitable for high purity applications (e.g. medical, laboratory, analytics)
  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Long lifetime; more durable than heat exchangers made of glass
  • Designed according technical guidelines of ASME
  • Perfect fit for minimum space requirements
  • Short delivery times


  • Laboratory application: heating or cooling of biochemical fluids
  • Ultra-pure water application
  • Photochemical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Thermo Management

Further performance data you can read in our flyer Thermo-X™ Innovative Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

*SUPER-300 type PILLAR fitting™ is a registered trademark of NIPPON PILLAR PACKING CO., LTD