Thermo-XTM Mini Heat Exchangers

The Durable One

Our Thermo-X™ Mini Heat Exchangers made of Polytetraflon™ PTFE and Moldflon™ PFA are typically used in the semiconductor industry.

The centrally arranged centre-piece has a hole which holds the perforated plate which in turn accommodates the PFA tube.

The design is given special stability by a cover on both sides having perforated PTFE safety plates. The material Moldflon™ PP can be optionally used for designing the frame with the same standard dimensions.

Typically, tubes having an outer diameter of 6.35 mm are used. Do you need special dimensions? We will be glad to advise you.

Dimensions Thermo-XTM Mini Heat Exchanger

Height in mmWidth in mmExchange area in m² at depth X in mm
Inputs/outputs n =2/23/34/45/56/6