Thermo-XTM Suspended and Plug in Heat Exchangers

The Compact One

Our Thermo-X™ Suspended and Plug in Heat Exchangers are made of Moldflon™ PFA, ECTFE,  PVDF or PP, and represent a special type of our Thermo-X™ Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

The outer casing is used as a perforated safety tube but can be omitted if necessary. The medium flows through the tubes in two  circuits and is redirected in an end cap that is designed as a floating head.

They are especially suitable where limited space is available for vertical or horizontal installation in containers.
Depending on the application, they can be installed on manholes or with appropriate tube supports via flange connections, glands or welding. Heat exchange surfaces and dimensions as well as type and position of the connection fittings can also be customised.